Q1. I'm registered as an ENTICE ESR but have access to only certain public documents. Can I have access to all materials within ENTICE?

A1. As an entice fellow/partner, you should have access to all documents and other documents within the ENTICE Framework.

Q2. Can I make modifications of my BIODATA on the ENTICE website?

A2. This may not be possible. Only ENTICE Fellows and certain partner representative who have administrative access can make modifications to BIODATA on the ENTICE website.

Q3. Can the ENTICE website be accessed from anywhere?

A3. Once the site goes live, it is open to the public as read only. Only ENTICE members/partners with login details can be granted access from anywhere.

Q4.  Which browsers are recommended for the site?

A4.  Any modern browser will do, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 4+, Opera 10+, Chrome 17+. It's always a good idea to keep your browser up to date.

Q5. I am having problems accessing the partner login or administration panel, it says something about a security certificate.

A5. We use SSL encryption to secure the partner and administration area, you may need to update your Root certificates for your browser to recognise our security certificate. You can always check the certifiate and allow it manually - but be careful to see the domain name matches!

Q6.  I have problems signing in. How can this be rectified?

A6.  Maybe you forgot your password or mistyped it. Kindly forward an email to Ali or MacDonald (mnag@leeds.ac.uk or m.a.ofune@leeds.ac.uk). An email will be sent to your box with a new password.

NB: Do not try to logon to your page with a wrong password as your account may be blocked temporarily. It is also strongly advised that you change your password to something /someone you can easily remember.


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