Fellow Profile:  Liuquan Yang (P9)




Project Title

Surface active DLC for low friction and durability (P9).

Project Vision Statement

This project aims for the research and development of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings for internal combustion (IC) engine components in automotive industry. Thin film coatings developed in this project are expected to provide improvement of performance of the IC engine. By closely working with other fellows and partners in ENTICE project, the understandings of coatings on different applications (piston ring/liner, bearing, camshaft/follower, etc.) will be clearly addressed. The relevant coating R&D will be carried out. The research outcome will be the knowledge of surface active DLC coatings for low friction and high durability with lubricant additives in different tribological applications. This will further strengthen the leaderships of all the partners to meet the challenges of fuel economy and stringent emission legislations.

Educational background

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Leeds, UK

  • Thesis title: DLC/Friction reduction additives interactions in the boundary lubrication regime.

MSc, Process and Systems Engineering, Cranfield University, UK (Funded by Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Germany)

  • Thesis: Recurrent neural network modelling for CFD-based optimization.

BEng, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, China

  • Thesis: Microstructure and electrochemical properties of single-walled carbon nanotube-DNA hybrid.


L. Yang, A. Neville, A. Brown, P. Ransom and A. Morina. Friction reduction mechanisms in boundary lubricated W-doped DLC coatings. Tribology International, 2014, 70: 26-33.

L. Yang, A. Neville, A. Brown, P. Ransom and A. Morina. Effect of Lubricant Additives on the WDLC Coating Structure When Tested in Boundary Lubrication Regime. Tribology Letters, 2015, 57: 14.


Oerlikon Metco/Sorevi, 5, allée Skylab, 87068 Limoges, FRANCE

E-mail: liuquan.yang@oerlikon.com

Supervisor: Dr. Frédéric MEUNIER

Monthly reports

Monthly reports are available here.



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