Pushkar Deshpande (TOTAL and Ecole Centrale de Lyon)



Project title:

Lubrication of Piston/Cylinder liner contacts in downsized IC engines: Optimization of lubricant additives for Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) Coated cylinder liners and DLC coated piston rings

Project vision statement:

To study the tribological behavior of contacts involving different couples of materials which are either already used or at experimental stage for cylinder-liner and existing or new chemistries of lubricants. 

The project will be focused on the contact DLC coated piston-ring/ APS coated cylinder-liners. Moderate to high load in boundary and partial film lubrication will be studied as these regimes are gaining importance along reduction of lubricant’s viscosity. Known and experimental anti-wear and friction modifiers additives will be primarily considered alone or in interference with other additives (detergents, dispersants). 

Scientific objectives of the project:

1) To study tribo-chemical mechanisms with each combination of lubricants and coatings/materials couples and

 2) How the properties of APS coatings (chemistry, nano roughness and open porosity) affect the additives behavior and tribofilm growth.

Educational Background:

       Master of Technology (M. Tech) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai – India (2014)

M. Tech thesis in Institute for Nano-Technology, KIT Germany through DAAD scholarship: Synthesis and characterisation of amorphous Nanomaterials: TiNiCu Thin films and TiO2

       Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur - India (2012)

Bachelors thesis: High cycle fatigue behavior of CFC laminates (Mechanical Metallurgy)

Research area in ENTICE:

Materials Engineering, Tribochemistry

Experience on other related research areas:

Nanotechnology, Powder Metallurgy, Materials Characterisation, Mechanical Metallurgy.




Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

For more information, contact Pushkar:

Email: pushkar.deshpande@doctorant.ec-lyon.fr


TOTAL: Benoit Thiebaut

Ecole Centrale de Lyon: Prof. Fabrice Dassenoy and Associate Prof. Clotilde Minfray (MCF)

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