The ENTICE framework was structured under four important scientific work packages (SWP). Each of these packages is made up of three research project. Early stage researchers (ESR's)/fellows work on specific projects within a scientific work package. Experienced researchers undertake projects which cuts across all SWP.

Scientific Work Package 1 (SWP1) : The Physics Phenomena of Tribochemistry of Boundary Lubricated  Contact

ESR 1  Kosta siminovic      
Adsorption activities of Lubricants on engineering Materials            
University of Ljubljana     36 months  

ESR 2     Ali Ghanbarzadeh      
Boundary Lubrication modelling by modelling interface mechanics            
University of Leeds       36 months    

ESR 3     Sara Salopek            
Real time Wear Measurements of tribofilm covered surfaces                  
AC2T                           36 months

Scientific Work Package 2 (SWP2) : Lubricant Chemistry, Additive Degradation and Tribochemistry Process

ESR 4   Catia Alves 
Friction Modification in Ferrous and Al-Si Systems                      
Ecole Centrale Lyon         36 months

ESR 5    Modestino De Feo 
Oil Ageing effects in mixed and boundary Lubrication regimes       
Ecole Centrale Lyon         36 months

Scientific Work Package 3 (SWP3) : Tribochemistry Process in Non Ferrous Materials

ESR 7    Somayeh Akbari  
DLC Boundary and Mixed Lubrication                                              
University of Ljubljana      36 months

ESR 8    Elio Piras
Additives – Their role in running in                                                  
SKF                                36 months

Scientific Work Package 3 (SWP3) : Tribochemistry in Engine systems; Development of bench tribotests to simulate tribochemistry processes observed in automotive engines.

ESR 10    MacDonald Ofune
From bench-top to engines – Tribofilm comparison                          
University of Leeds           36 months

ESR 11    Doris Nekesa
In situ analysis of tribofilms and interfacial processes                    
University of Leeds           36 months


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