Project Title

Development of laboratory methodologies for accurate simulation of engine tribochemistry. 

Project summary

Lubricant additive/material interactions in engine systems such as cam/follower or piston ring/liner are still not well understood, mainly due to the multidisciplinary nature of tribochemistry phenomena that define these interactions. As a result, there is still very little capability of accurately modelling these interactions limiting our ability to optimise them for achieving required friction and wear. The key task of this proposal is transferring the knowledge developed from the on-going ENTICE projects to practical experimental bench top tribotest methodologies for accurately simulating the tribochemistry processes that occur in IC engine systems.


Educational background

1) PhD (Engineering Sciences & Technology), Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 2015

2) Master of Technology (Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, 2010

3) Integrated Master of Science (Chemistry), Sri Sathya Sai University, India, 2008.

Research Interests

PVD/CVD coatings, Nanocomposites, Oxidation,Tribology, Materials Evaluation,  Engine testing, Tribology, IC engine components for powertrain applications, Failure analysis.





 Oral Presentations

  1. Invited talk in an Industrial Seminar “Surface Engineering in Automotive and Aerospace Industries” at University of Leeds, UK organized by IMechE, UK on 9th June 2015.
  2. High temperature wear mechanisms of magnetron sputtered AlTiTaN hard coatings”, 13th European Vacuum Congress, 8th-12th September 2014 at Aviero, Portugal.
  3. Temperature effect on wear and oxidation mechanisms of nanostructured AlTiTaN hard coating deposited by magnetron sputtering, Innovation in thin film processing and characterization (ITFPC), September 9th – 13th (2013), in Paris, France.
  4.    Etude en température des propriétés d’oxydation et  tribologiques de revêtements durs Al -Ti- Ta-N ”, CSM workshop - Caractérisations mécaniques de surface, October 1st 2013, Charleville Mézières, France (Presented by Dr. Remi Aninat in French)
  5. Effect of Y doping on AlTiTaN hard nanocomposite coatings”, E-MRS Fall meeting Symposium F, September 17th – 21st (2012), at Warsaw, Poland.

Poster Presentation:

(a) “Structural, Mechanical and Tribological Evaluation of Different DLC Coatings for IC Engine Components” at 42nd Leeds Lyon Symposium on Tribology on September 7th – 9th (2015), at Lyon, France.

(b) “Influence of MoDTC on friction and wear behavior of DLC coatings under different tribological contacts” at UK Tribology launch event, IOM3/IET, London, UK on 21-10-2015. (AWARD: 2nd Prize in Poster competition).



  1. “Influence of temperature on oxidation mechanisms of fiber textured AlTiTaNcoatings” published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Feb 2014 (http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/am405727p)
  2. Temperature-dependent wear mechanisms for magnetron sputtered AlTiTaN hard coatingspublished in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Aug 2014 (http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/am503942x)
  3. Book chapter:   “Magnetron Sputtered Hard Nanostructured TiAlN Coatings: Strategic Approach toward Potential     Improvement”- Chapter 5, Nanomaterials: A Guide to Fabrication and Applications, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis group), ISBN: 9781466591257.



Institute of Engineering, Thermo fluids, Surface and Interfaces (iETSI)
Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Leeds

For more information contact Vishal;    

E-mail: v.khetan@leeds.ac.uk

Supervisors: Prof. Ardian Morina and Prof. Anne Neville.






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